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Common Heating & Cooling System Components

Air Conditioner — Also known as a condenser, this exterior unit is paired with a coil (also known as an evaporator) to comprise the system that cools the air in your building.
Furnace — This interior unit heats and circulates air throughout a structure's ducts.
Thermostat — This is the temperature control center of your heating and cooling system.

Components That Improve Indoor Air Quality

Germicidal UV Light — Uses UV technology to continuously sterilize and purify the indoor air you breathe and significantly reduce environmental stressors on your immune system.
Central Humidifier — Maintains the proper level of moisture in your building, which reduces static electricity and helps you feel warmer in winter and more comfortable year round.
Energy Recovery Ventilator — An indoor air quality component that brings fresh outside air into your space while expelling stale air.
Electronic Air Cleaner — Additional filtration intended to reduce airborne allergens, providing better air to breathe.


How to Tell if You Need a New HVAC System:

• Your System is More Than 7 Years Old
• Your Current System Requires Frequent Repairs or Stops Working
• Some Rooms are Consistently Too Hot or Too Cold
• Your Utility Bills Are High
• Your Current System Runs Excessively or Constantly Turns On and Off